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In July 2022, we launched a 10-week public consultation on proposals to meet increasing passenger demand over the next decade by making best use of our existing runway, while also delivering 2,100 jobs and accelerating the benefits of cleaner, quieter, new generation aircraft.

The consultation period has now closed. We thank all respondents who took the time to offer us feedback on our proposals. This feedback will be helpful in informing our thinking as we further develop our proposals, and will form the basis of the Statement of Community Involvement that we submit with a future planning application.

While the consultation period is now closed, if you have any questions about the proposals or wish to contact the project team, please email londoncityairport@cratus.co.uk

Please check our website for any updates on a future planning application. 

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Our proposals have been informed by our 2020 master plan which outlines how the airport can meet increasing passenger demand over the longer term in a sustainable and responsible way. Our recently published Sustainability Roadmap and plans to be London’s first net zero emissions airport also underpin our proposals. You can view both documents by clicking the links below. 

Master Plan 2020

Sustainability Roadmap

We want to hear from everybody so that we have the most informed plans for the future


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